Site services

DTL dampers are supported by our dedicated team of skilled service engineers, and we are able to provide the following services for all our existing installations worldwide, including offshore:

DTL Service Engineer


    • Service Inspection
    • Routine Maintenance
    • Commissioning
    • Troubleshooting
    • Repairs / Retrofit
    • Spare Parts



Will your damper operate when called upon?

Can your damper reliability be improved?

Can your damper process efficiency be improved through sealing?

Can DTL extend the operational life of your existing site dampers?

Are there potential savings to be made through improved efficiency?

Damper Technology can offer support and specialist knowledge and experience on how to achieve all the above.


Most ageing dampers failures are predictable, on and offshore the warning signs are usually there for the experienced engineer to see and after a DTL inspection visit these situations can be managed to get you through to your next planned outage or scheduled shutdown.
Reassurance comes with a detailed service report, recommendations, updated priced parts lists & an improvement plan where necessary with every visit.
DTL can also arrange to have the spares available ready on site for any unscheduled maintenance work to cover every eventuality and engineers can make the necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and reliability to most existing damper installations where the process conditions permit.

For Spares or Servicing enquiries please CONTACT US.


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