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In the world of energy, industrial dampers are vital in the control and isolation of flue gases many industrial processes.  Damper Technology Ltd (DTL) have an extensive range of operational damper equipment out in the field and therefore, understand the importance of being able to provide a knowledgeable and reliable Aftermarket Solutions Department.

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This department caters for all your maintenance, refurbishment and upgrade requirements to extend the operational life and efficiency of this equipment and give you the confidence that your damper will operate effectively when called upon.


Our design and engineering services can re-evaluate the operating requirements of older systems and advise whether you can benefit from refurbishment of, or replacements, dampers, components or controls.  We can assess your current operational conditions and requirements and offer new solutions to improve and/or extend the life of the equipment providing long terms savings.

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Together with all DTL projects, we also hold over 35 years of technical archives including GA drawings/manuals and parts lists for Becorit & Herweg, Long-Airdox Becorit and Effox UK allowing us to offer the same level of spares and maintenance solutions for new dampers and those that have been out in the field for a while.


Our Aftermarket Solutions Department offer the following services worldwide, both on and offshore:

  • Service Inspection

  • Routine & Refurbishment Upgrade Work

  • Life Extension/Warranties

  • Outage Management

  • Commissioning

  • Troubleshooting

  • Repairs / Retrofit

  • Spare Part Management

  • Training Packages


Site Services

Our Aftermarket Site Services Team includes skilled and experienced engineers, fully qualified and certified for on and offshore operations, to provide service inspections, routine maintenance or extensive retrofit/overhaul of damper installations in any sector.  This is backed up with office-based engineers, project managers and a full design team.

All site work is supported by specific method statements and risk assessments.

Our experienced team will minimise any disruption to your operation and reassurance comes with a detailed service report, recommendations, updated spare parts lists and an improvement plan on completion of all works.

Our activities are managed by our Quality Management System which conforms with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Maintenance and Refurbishment

Replacement or Refurbishment of existing equipment.

Damper failures can be foreseeable and preventable, the warning signs are usually there for the experienced engineer to see. Proper management and maintenance of your damper systems can help to extend the lifetime of the equipment.  Regular maintenance by DTL personnel may allow us to offer extended warranty packages.

We understand that Dampers are a small part of a large installation.  Optimal performance and operation of dampers is critical to efficiency, stability and profitability of the process.

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Strategic Spares

DTL Spares

Spare parts are essential to the maintenance cycle.  Holding spares means you can react to failures of components and be prepared for the schedule, or unscheduled shutdowns.

If you do not hold maintenance spares for your damper equipment please contact DTL.

DTL can supply and fit a range of first line spares and replacement parts:

Consumable/Operating Spares – Gland packing, Bearings, Rod Ends, Blade Seals, Limit Switches

Strategic/Capital Spares – Actuators, Positioners, Gearboxes, Seal Air Fans, Filter Regulators

DTL can also arrange to have the spares available ready on site for any unscheduled maintenance work to cover every eventuality and engineers can make the necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and reliability to most existing damper installations where the process conditions permit.

DTL also hold the rights and engineering archives for the following manufactured dampers:

  • Bercorit & Herweg
  • Long-Airdox Bercoit
  • Effox UK

We can offer the same level of spares, maintenance and service for these dampers also.

Training Packages

DTL can provide complete Operation and Maintenance training to help you get the best from your dampers and reduce the risk of failure due to lack of maintenance.

Our support packages are tailored to your actual damper product and controls, offering classroom and practical sessions, depending on the state of your installation.

Please contact us for more information.


Let DTL help you reduce your risk of failure and avoid costly downtime by having us as your Damper Service Partner.

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