Acid Plant Dampers

This range of dampers is designed specifically for applications with process gases containing SO2 or SO3, for those applications that require ZERO LEAKAGE to the atmosphere to protect both the environment and the safety of plant personnel.

Special shaft seals with purged lantern ring and labyrinth arrangement guarantees the Zero leakage of process gas to the atmosphere.

The dampers can be butterfly or louvre type, manufactured in corrosion resistance material such as ASTM A36, AISI 304H, Alloy 31 or C276.

 DTL can provide PED Compliance (as appropriate) for high pressure applications.

Acid plant damper

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Typical Applications

  • Sulphuric Acid Production
  • Fertiliser Production


Technical Specifications

  • Pressure: typically, less than 100Kpa (1 bar)
  • Temperature: typically, less than 800°C (1472°F)


  • Round or rectangular design
  • Fully welded body
  • Specially engineered compact design
  • On/off or modulating
  • Zero leakage glands
  • Typical range from DN300 to DN3000 (other sizes available on request)
  • End connections: Flanged or welded to suit your application.
  • Pneumatically actuated (Electric actuators also available on request)

Optional Extras

  • Purged gland – Flow control (Rotameter and regulator)
  • Nitrogen purged glands
  • End connections: Flanged to fit ANSI, EN, JIS standards

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