Carbon Capture

Dampers for Carbon Capture CCUS / CCS Projects

DTL are committed to supporting carbon capture projects using our technology leading flow control and isolation dampers.

Carbon capture technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from Power Generation and other Industrial Processes such as oil refineries, steel mills, chemical plants and cement plants. The CO2 captured can then be stored in a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project or the CO2 can used for other processes or stored in a Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) Project.

We provide Multi Louvre, Diverter Dampers and other Damper types to control and isolate the pre- and post-combustion exhaust gases to divert the flow of CO2 rich exhaust gases into the Carbon Capture treatment plant or to a bypass route. DTL Dampers can be manufactured in a range of sizes and material grades to suit your requirements and they are available with up to 100% Process Sealing for full isolation. We can support bespoke plant design, and also standardised modular builds.

For Carbon Capture Treatment Plant DTL can also provide Dampers for Acid process and high temperature applications or Dampers operating in dew point conditions, typically used for the solvent recycling processes. These Dampers are available in chemical resistant materials and can have the ability to offer 0% leakage to atmosphere to protect your people and surrounding plant.

Our Carbon Capture Damper Range

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Damper Technology Limited is a worldwide company with decades of experience designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing industrial dampers. Our team of highly qualified engineers use the most up-to-date CAD and 3D-modelling techniques to provide you with a product that won’t fail. Include finite element analysis into the mix, and you’ve got a well-made damper system for oil and gas, with compliments of DTL.

Our reputation is based on quality, excellence, innovation and reliability as our experience and knowledge of products and systems speaks for itself.

Underpinned by our QMS accredited to ISO 9001, our certification and documentation packages allow installation in hazardous areas and conformation to systems such as ATEX, INMETRO and IECEx, for example. Our waste heat recovery unit dampers (WHRU Dampers) have a worldwide reputation for robustness and reliability.

If you’re looking for damper solutions for your plant, let us ensure you choose the products that will give you the best results.

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