Power Generation

Dampers For Power Generation

DTL is able to provide a range of industrial dampers to the power generation industry.

Our damper product range can be used in conjunction with various industrial process systems, turbines and generators for gas isolation, regulation and control, waste heat recovery, CHP and environmental protection. The power plant industry faces many operational and environmental challenges and our industrial damper products can help improve the efficiency of your processes.

We can supply a broad range of specially engineered dampers including butterfly dampers, louver dampers and guillotine isolation dampers. As the UK’s leading design and manufacturer of industrial dampers we are specialists in our product area, and can also work with you to create bespoke products to meet your system specifications. Our engineers are constantly working on testing and improving the designs of our products to provide the best results. Our dampers offer optional 100% sealing air technology for complete isolation with zero leakage of process gas. If you’d like more information about our high specification industrial dampers get in touch using the form below.

Our Power Generation Damper Range

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Why Choose Us?

Damper Technology Limited are the UK’s leading design and manufacturer of a full range of damper products. Our engineers are specialists in developing products that improve the efficiency of your processes and safeguard your operations while reducing emissions.

Whether your power plants use fossil fuels, biomass or gas turbines we have dampers to suit numerous applications and systems. We have spent decades in the damper industry garnering the knowledge and expertise to achieve the customer satisfaction and reputation we proudly hold today.

If you’re looking for damper solutions for your plant, get in touch today and our experts will contact you to discuss your needs.

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