Sealing Air Dampers

DTL Seal air dampers are the right solution where 100% positive isolation against the process gas is required.

Our seal air design is based on pressurising the interspace between the damper blade seals at a pressure which is consistently higher than the upstream process. Our flexible special alloy seals provide durability even at high temperatures, so are perfect for heavy duty applications.

DTL Sealing Air Dampers can be manufactured in Carbon Steel or Stainless steel, however for special applications we can utilise any material to suit your requirements such as 800HT, 310S, Alloy 31, Alloy 59…

Butterfly, Multilouvre, Guillotinesand Diverters can also be supplied with sealing air for 100% positive isolation.

DTL can design and supply the full seal air system, such as ducting, heaters, non-return dampers, fans, mounting arrangement. We evaluate your project specific process data so we can calculate and determine the optimum fan size, power consumption and seal air control method to suit your application. Fans and controls can be provided with appropriate certification for hazardous area applications such as ATEX.

Sealing Air Damper

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Typical Applications for Sealing Air

  • Exhaust systems
  • Air ducting
  • Gas Mixing
  • Any application that requires isolation or control of gas flows!


Technical Specifications

  • Pressure: Typically 50Kpa (0.5 barG) however we can design for higher on request
  • Temperature: Typically 600°C (1112°F) however we can design for higher on request


  • Round or rectangular design
  • Fully welded body
  • Specially engineered compact design
  • On/off or modulating
  • Typical range from DN300 to DN10000, although other sizes are available on request
  • Pneumatically actuated (Electric actuators also available on request)

Optional Extras

  • Single or Duplex Fan systems
  • Heaters
  • Double linkage design
  • Pneumatic cabinet
  • Maintenance free bearings
  • End connections: Flanged to fit ANSI, EN, JIS standards

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