Damper Spares

Maintenance Spares:

Spare parts are essential to the damper maintenance cycle.  Holding damper spares means you can react to failures of components and be prepared for the scheduled, or unscheduled, shutdowns.  DTL can also offer a managed damper spares service on request.

If you do not hold maintenance spares for your damper equipment, please contact us at service@dampertechnology.com

Strategic/Capital Spares:

DTL Understand the critical nature of your operations and always recommend that you should hold Strategic/Capital damper spares.  We can supply your critical spares so that in the event of the failure of long lead-time components you are ready to react and return your systems and processes to operation in the shortest possible time and avoid long delays and loss of functionality and/or revenue.

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The Right Damper Spares For The Job

DTL can support your spares requirements for all of our products, including spares solutions for obsolete components.

Dealing with Obsolescence:

Identifying your obsolete components is key to ensuring you can react to potential equipment failures. By engaging DTL Service support we can identify your obsolete parts and offer a solution.  Our Engineering team can design adaptor kits for components such as Positioners, Gearboxes, Actuators or entire pneumatic controls.  Whatever you needs DTL can help.

As well as a range of first line damper spares and replacement parts for DTL products our experience with Dampers also means we can often support spares requirements for non DTL Dampers, for instance where the OEM is no longer trading.

DTL can supply and fit these to provide a complete service.

Consumable/Operating Spares

  • Gland packing
  • Bearings and Gaskets
  • Rod Ends, Rose Joints or Full Linkage Sets
  • Blade Seals and Fastener kits
  • Actuator / Cylinder Seal kits
  • Limit Switches

Strategic/Capital Spares

  • Actuators
  • Positioners
  • Gearboxes
  • Seal Air Fans and Motors
  • Pneumatic Components

Unscheduled Maintenance

DTL can also arrange to have the spares available ready on site for any unscheduled maintenance work to cover every eventuality and engineers can make the necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and reliability to most existing damper installations where the process conditions permit.

We also hold the rights and engineering archives for the following manufactured dampers:

Becorit & Herweg

Long-Airdox Becorit

Effox UK

Advice & Info

DTL can deliver spares and offer advice readily.  Please contact us via the form or email: service@dampertechnology.com.

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