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Frequently asked industrial damper questions (FAQ’s).

What is a damper?

An industrial damper is a mechanical device used in various industrial applications to control the flow of gas or air within a duct or pipeline. Essentially a fabricated valve, dampers are designed to regulate the flow rate, pressure, or temperature of the fluid in a system. They can be manually operated or automated, depending on the specific requirements of the industrial process. We have a full page dedicated to explaining exactly what a damper is, which you can read by clicking here.

DTL Butterfly Damper

What types of industrial dampers do you offer?

DTL off a full design and manufacturing service for butterfly damper, multilouvre dampers, diverters (including flap diverters), sealing air dampers, gas tight dampers, fan dampers, poppet valves, inlet vane control dampers, stack dampers, guillotine isolation dampers. We also offer specially engineered dampers for use in specific applications such as WHRU (waste heat recovery unit), FGD, marine scrubbers, carbon capture / CCS / CCUS, extreme high temperatures and sulphuric acid process. Click here to learn more about the types of industrial dampers we offer.
Oil & Gas Damper

Can industrial dampers be customized?

Almost all dampers supplied by DTL are designed and manufactured to order to suit your specific application and project specifications. We do also offer some standardized dampers for simple applications.
Our Damper design team

How do I select the right damper for my application?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a damper, such as airflow, temperature, pressure, certification and the specific application needs. Our applications engineers will advise you what information we need, and will work with you to offer an industrial damper that will meet all your requirements. Click here for contact details or request a callback:

What materials of construction are used for dampers?

The materials of construction will be determined by the process application, the operating environment and the project specifications. But we manufacture dampers in many different grades of steel including carbon steel, boiler plate, stainless steels (304, 316, 321, 310, 410), chrome moly, corten, duplex and high nickel alloys.

Can a damper be provided with insulation?

We routinely provide industrial dampers with internal insulation, usually in the form of either blanket / rockwool with stainless steel liners, or using a lightweight castable refractory. We can also design the damper to allow for external lagging at site, or with the external lagging pre-installed.

What types of damper actuators do DTL use?

We can provide dampers with a wide variety of actuation including manual lever, manual gearbox, electric, pneumatic, or electro-hydraulic. We also provide control additional instrumentation and controls for open / close operation, modulation operation, emergency shut down and failsafe operation.

Are DTL industrial dampers compliant with industry standards?

Whilst there is no overarching industry standard for the design of industrial dampers, we consider our designs, control our manufacture and provide certification according to many internationally recognised standards including:

Where are DTL dampers manufactured?

We can manufacture our dampers in UK, India, North America, Europe and China. So DTL are well placed to provide expert damper solutions worldwide.

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