DNV Approval for Marine Dampers

DTL are pleased to announce that our range of Marine Dampers have received DNV-GL approval for use in SCR and exhaust gas systems onboard ships.

Marine Dampers are required to have an extremely reliable and low-maintenance design to avoid malfunctioning when sailing.  Therefore, during the DNV-GL approval process, our dampers were examined in terms of:

  • Welding and material compliance
  • Quality assurance of production
  • Design and calculations
  • Functionality, tightness and soot cleaning system

The dampers were also pressure tested to 1.5 times the design pressure.

By having our marine damper range (DN300-DN3400) DNV-GL approved our customers will benefit from a damper that fully complies with the latest requirements of the Marine Industry in terms of environmental protection and pollution control.

Learn more about our range of dampers for Marine Scrubber applications here: https://www.dampertechnology.com/products/marine-scrubber-dampers/

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