Heated Seal Air Solution

Seal air solution for corrosive process gas

DTL specialise in project specific damper solutions to meet many environmental and process conditions. And here is an example of equipment recently supplied by DTL to provide heated seal air for dampers which are being installed in a Waste to Energy Plant.

The damper seal air is provided by a 100% Seal Air Fan which has been fitted with an intake attenuator to limit the noise to a safe level.

On the fan outlet are two transition sections assembled to support a low pressure steam to air heater.

The steam heater increases the temperature of the sealing air slightly higher than the dew point of the corrosive process gas. Thus preventing condensation and consequent acid corrosion in the process damper and ducting.

Heated seal air for an industrial damper

The entire package is pre-assembled and mounted to a fabricated skid for ease of installation and connection to the damper.

Damper supplied to a waste-to-energy plant

Why use seal air?

Seal air is used to pressurize the interspace between the seals of the damper, or between two dampers used in tandem. When the damper is closed and the system is activated, air fills the cavity and is maintained at a pressure slightly higher than the process gas. This air curtain prevents process gas passing through the damper. Therefore achieving a 100% process gas seal.

Waste from energy.

Waste-to-energy (WTE) plants are becoming more popular worldwide as a sustainable solution for managing waste and generating energy. The increasing popularity of waste-to-energy plants reflects a global shift towards more sustainable waste management and energy production practices. With continued technological advancements and supportive policies, WTE plants are likely to play an increasingly important role in achieving waste reduction and renewable energy goals.

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