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DTL Industrial Dampers

DTL provides a complete range of industrial dampers for applications where the isolation, control and diversion of air and flue gases is critical for their process and systems.

As specialists who design and manufacture industrial damper products, we are able to create innovative solutions for various industrial manufacturing plants including Steel, Cement, Glass, Sulphuric Acid, Food & Beverage. We have a series of heavy duty damper products already developed for optimal process efficiency and environmental protection in numerous industries but we can also work with your business to develop products to suit your specifications or applications. Get in touch today to talk to our expert team or to request a brochure.

Our Industrial Damper Range

Industrial Dampers With Heavy-Duty Requirements For Special Applications

We often get customers in need of high specification dampers due to demanding environments and operational requirements. We can build project specific industrial damper solutions that meet those special conditions and safety regulations. Our specialist dampers as an example can withstand high fluctuating temperatures of up to 1200 degrees, increased pressure loads and contamination by corrosion. Our engineers account for the temperature, flow rate, pressure rate, dust content, spatial availability and specialist installation instructions when manufacturing dampers to suit different applications. Contact us today to discuss our bespoke solutions.

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Why Choose Us For Industrial Dampers?

DTL is a worldwide name in damper production and is the UK’s leading manufacturer of damper products.

With decades of experience working with industrial dampers, our expertise and knowledge of our products has led to our outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction and ISO accreditations for quality assurance.

Our team has full knowledge of all aspects relating to industrial damper products, from the design and manufacturing to the servicing, testing and replacement of parts. Our products come equipped with bespoke documentation and certification packages.

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