DTL fulfil specialist damper order manufacturered in Alloy C-276

DTL’s expertise on their specially engineered dampers for applications involving process gases containing SO2 / SO3 has been called upon again when asked to design and manufacture from a high grade resilient, abrasion and acid resistant  Hastelloy C-276 material to suit a more demanding application.

Alloy C276 dampers image

A project in North America required dampers to provide 100% process isolation to prevent hot SO2 laden primary gases from entering a secondary offgas system, condensing and leading to corrosion over time.


To suit this demanding function, the dampers were made of Alloy C-276 for its excellent resistance to pitting, stress-corrosion cracking and exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical environments.  The dampers were also supplied with heated seal air system to achieve a 100% seal, and equipped with purged shaft seals of industry proven DTL design to provide 100% gas tight seal to atmoshpere, specifically conceived for acid plant applications.  This technology helps to protect the environment and the safety of plant personnel.


Managing Director of DTL, Mark Hancock said To design and manufacture in this type of material, as you might expect, requires specialist skills and knowledge to successfully design, fabricate, weld, machine and complete to an exacting standard.  This project was carried out by our long standing team, utilising many years of experience with specialist material.”

Alloy C276 damper seal image

DTL celebrated a 50 year history in the damper industry this year and plans to continue to grow its global client base and presence with international offices, agents and licensed manufacturers, to ensure they remain one of the largest suppliers of customised damper solutions for Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Air Pollution Control and many other General Industrial applications worldwide.


By on February 2nd, 2016

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