DTL India provide guillotine dampers for large scale FGD applications.

The Indian power industry segment is actively implementing Flue Gas Desulphurization Systems to treat flue gas, cleaning their emissions and protecting our environment. These systems require large dampers due to the high gas volume flow rate to be handled.  DTL India have already supplied many dampers for this application, with many more currently under manufacture at our production facility in Coimbatore.

Our clients sometimes prefer to have the dampers tested functionally in the actual orientation of installation at site, which is vertical in most cases.  To that end, DTL India have a purpose built vertical testing tower against which the dampers are installed vertically and tested for smooth functioning and operating time.  A sealing efficiency check based on flow can also be provided if specified in the order.

Recently, DTL India tested two guillotine dampers for a large EPC client (end user is the largest power producer in India). The sizes of the dampers being 5600mm X 5600mm and 6850mm X 6850mm respectively.

For more information on our range of dampers for FGD applications in India, please contact sales@dampertechnology.com

GM-Sales, DTL India.
April 2021