DTL India achieve a Technical Milestone

We are proud to announce that our India Subsidiary, Damper Technology India PVT Ltd, have achieved a technical milestone by demonstrating 99.95% sealing efficiency (on flow) on a guillotine damper, recently engineered for an Indian Power Plant with a plant capacity of 2 off 660 MW.

The damper solution was required by one of the largest EPC contractors in the power industry segment in India, for isolation of the hot primary air to the coal mills. Proper isolation is critical for the plant operation and reliability and DTL India’s customer opted for a solution with an elective seal air system to increase the sealing efficiency to 100% when required.

Guillotine Testing India


The high pressure associated with this application (in excess of 700 mm WC) makes this a significant achievement for DTL India’s team. The sealing system was designed meticulously, and the manufacturing process was fine-tuned to reach the efficiency level required for this project.


DTL India created this design with guidance from the UK Engineering Team. The testing method is a unique requirement for the market that was witnessed by Managing Director of DTL UK, Mr Mark Hancock, during a recent visit.  Mark said, “The DTL India team have worked tirelessly to engineer a solution that the whole group can be proud of and once again demonstrates what can be achieved by collaborative working.”


DTL India PVT Ltd was established in 2011 to serve the Indian domestic market and now operates from offices and a 42,000 Sq. Ft manufacturing facility in Coimbatore, Southern India.



By on June 4th, 2019

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