DTL involved in emissions reducing project at Bełchatów Power Station, Poland

After two years of negotiations, Damper Technology Ltd (DTL) together with Polish partner, InterApp Polska, have been selected to design and manufacture replacement tandem multilouvres dampers. The package of 7.5m x 7m dampers will significantly reduce emissions at the Bełchatów Power Station, Poland, the largest thermal power station in Europe, and second largest fossil-fuel power station in the world.

Bełchatów Power StationFor many years the Power Plant owners have invested in modern technologies that relate to environmental protection. As part of this investment DTL will provide new dampers to replace old leaking units currently in operation on the flue gas desulphurization system.

As a result of the leaks through the current dampers in operation, uncleaned flu gases were found in the chimney, which increased the emissions, mainly SO2, to atmosphere. In order to reduce these emissions, a decision was made to replace the existing dampers with much tighter sealing dampers manufactured by DTL. The project scope includes the replacement of flue gas ducts in 8 blocks within the Power Plant.

Multilouvre Damper Model
Multilouvre Damper Model

In addition, heating of the sealing air was abandoned in order to increase the efficiency of the project. This upgrade will also significantly reduce operating costs and have a positive impact on the environment.

DTL’s dampers will be lined with a material which has high pitting resistance, protecting the equipment from corrosion and ensuring long-term life. Additionally, these dampers will open within 5 seconds in emergency situations.

DTL’s Group Sales Director, Mr Kim Bovien, said recently, “This is one of the largest contracts for the supply of dampers for Polish power plants in recent years. We have been working closely with Managing Director of Interapp Polska, Piotr Bera, and his team over recent months to win this contract and to further promote our extensive range of Industrial Dampers to the Polish market. This project has also seen us combine group technical knowledge regarding bulb seals and electro-magnetic failsafe functions to fulfil project requirements.”

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