DTL specially engineered dampers to be used at spacecraft launch pad

Specialised combination dampers, designed and manufactured by Damper Technology Ltd (DTL) are to be used by the United Launch Alliance (ULA), Vandenberg Launch Operations, California.

The dampers are specifically designed for reliability and precise control, and is a critical application to the ‘clean air’ system supply.

Dampers made in DTL CanadaMade of SS-316, the combination dampers have been treated with a special glass bead cleaning process to make sure they meet the specification, of a completely clean assembly, without any trace of contaminants or greases.  All internal components have been selected with intent that the dampers remain clean in operation.


Launches from the Vandenberg Launch site in California are mainly for Satellite deliveries and it is the hope that these dampers will become a permanent part of ground equipment for this and other launch sites in the future.


DTL celebrated a 50 year history in the damper industry last year and continues to grow its global client base and presence with international offices, agents and licensed manufacturers, to ensure they remain one of the largest suppliers of customised damper solutions for Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Air Pollution Control and many other General Industrial applications worldwide.  This new story provides evidence of DTL’s wide ranging solutions and client base.



By on April 20th, 2016

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