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Damper Technology Ltd (DTL) has been investing heavily in their Indian subsidiary company, DTL India.  Not only with the construction of a purpose built 30,000 sq. ft. fabrication and assembly plant in Southern India, which is due to be completed by the end of Summer of 2015, but also by offering secondment posts so the Indian operation can gain the same global values and experience that customers of DTL have come to expect.

Image of build progress at our Indian Factory
Mr Phillip Chester-Nash & Managing Director of DTL India, Mr Suresh Menon, outside the Indian Factory.

The most recent secondment has been made by DTL’s SHEQ Engineer, Mr Phillip Chester-Nash, a valued member of the UK Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Health & Safety team.  He is currently undertaking a 12 month programme of work to oversee the completion of the new factory build, to make it operational as soon as possible and to prepare the resources, processes and management systems to ensure the operation is both effective and efficient from the opening.   His presence will continue in order to follow this through to  work on the execution of some of the first projects to pass through the facility after the factory becomes operational.


Mr Chester-Nash said about his recent secondment: “The new factory shell now being complete means that we can better visualise the scale of the resource we are investing in and begin to appreciate its potential capacity; it is quite impressive.  The tasks I am facing are challenging but the opportunities and possibilities, without doubt, justify the investment we are making and that makes for exciting times ahead for DTL India.  For those that like sunshine and warmth, they are in abundance here from the sky and the people, respectively.”


Managing Director, Mr Mark Hancock, during a recent visit to view the factory progress said: “I hope that more of the UK based staff get the opportunity to be actively involved in the early stages of this project to share their valuable experience and knowledge so as to nurture it out of its’ infancy to become the dominant Damper manufacturer for India and enhance our domestic and international status and capabilities.”


DTL India was incorporated in 2011 and has established a strong presence in the Indian damper marketplace since it began operating.   As part of the company’s commitment to continued development, they have already had a UK member of the design team work out of the Indian office and a member of the Indian team has visited the UK to gain product knowledge and training on their design software and standards.


Click here to see more images of the progress in the construction of the new fabrication and assembly plant for DTL India.



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