Group Collaboration to produce Custom Engineering Solution

Damper Technology Ltd (DTL) not only supply standard products like butterfly damper valves and multilouvres.  Although these key products are essential parts of our product portfolio, DTL engineered solutions are increasingly in demand as we are recognised as International damper experts.  Our innovative designs come in many configurations and are designed to meet diverse process requirements.

Hybrid Knife Gates Damper ImageOne of the latest projects to be worked on at our Canadian facility is a specifically designed hybrid Knife Gate Damper Valve for extreme cold conditions for a very challenging installation within The Arctic Circle.

The order consisted of 20 damper units that were designed and manufactured with a combination of DTL’s damper experience and Parent Company, ORBINOX’s, valve technology.

These dampers will be installed in a very dusty application, so cleanout ports were also designed and added to our standard design, proving again, our ability to produce custom design solutions and fabrication flexibility that allows us to look beyond our core product range.

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By on January 30th, 2018

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