Waste To Energy Success

Waste-to-energy plants turn municipal waste into valuable energy. To comply with top international emission norms not only the flue gas treatment must be state of art but also the boiler combustion system. For an optimal combustion in terms of energy release and emission values, the combustion air is divided into primary, secondary and recirculation air and the right flow introduced into the furnace is regulated by the combustion air dampers.

DTL combustion dampers have excellent sealing efficiency, robustness and are maintenance free from a mechanical point of view (no need to adjust packings or lubricate) and we are proud to have been selected to supply more than 200 combustion air dampers for one of the most prestigious Waste to Energy Boiler Manufacturers worldwide for a project to be executed in UAE with deliveries commencing mid 2021.

David Baschwitz, Area Sales Manager (Europe).
December 2020.