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DTL not only supply standard products like butterfly dampers and multilouvres. Although these key products are essential parts of the product portfolio, DTL engineered solutions are increasingly in demand as they are recognised as International damper experts.  Their innovative designs come in many configurations, custom damper packages are designed to meet diverse process requirements.

One of the principal products that DTL are renowned for are Stack Dampers; the market is familiar with DTL large size in-stack louvers. No matter the size of the stack, these dampers are used for energy conservation, reduced thermal cycling and faster system start time. However, for some applications Stack Cap Dampers should be considered as an advantageous alternative.

Stack Cap Damper imageStack Cap Dampers provide all year weather protection and are very practical on smaller diameter exhausts. Stack Cap Dampers, like the one pictured here, are often counterweighted, either to provide pressure relief at precise set point or to assist with fail mode as required. This particular unit is fabricated from SS-321, at DTL’s Canadian facility, for a very high temperature application in the USA.

Contact DTL engineering today to get a damper specifically designed for your application, from a head office and manufacturing plant in the UK, subsidiaries in India, North America and Denmark, and through a network of agents and licensed manufacturers, DTL offer a wide range of quality damper products and custom packages for industry worldwide.  For more information contact us.

By on November 29th, 2016

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