BREXIT Preparations

Statement on DTL’s BREXIT preparations

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BREXIT (the UK’s exit from the European Union) may raise concerns and questions with some of our customers and suppliers.  Therefore, the below is an overview of DTL’s plans to manage and avoid any disruption, as a result of a mutual deal or in the event of a no deal BREXIT.

BREXIT – Current situation

The UK is now scheduled to leave the European Union (EU) on 31st October 2019 with or without a deal, negotiations between the UK government and the EU are currently on-hold with the introduction of a new Prime Minister in July 2019 who is expected to restart the negotiations.

DTL’s preparations and planning for BREXIT

DTL exports a significant proportion of its products to principal markets throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

In addition to the UK factory in Eastwood, Nottingham, DTL has a network of manufacturing operations, both inside and outside of the EU.  DTL also has its own EU based subsidiary in Copenhagen, Denmark (Damper Technology Europe) making us already well prepared for BREXIT.


Orders and Shipping to the EU

DTL plan to be able to ship all products destined for EU countries from our facilities located in the EU.

Orders and Shipping to the UK

DTL plan to be able to ship all products destined for the UK from our facilities in Eastwood, Nottingham.

Orders and Shipping to outside the EU

It is expected that all current trade agreements that the EU has with 3rd countries will also apply to the UK after BREXIT, therefore DTL will continue to ship from the UK where appropriate.  In the event that a customer prefers orders and shipping from within the EU, DTL may accommodate this by executing the job through Damper Technology Europe.

DTL Worldwide facilities

DTL UK facilities: 1600m² in Eastwood Nottingham

DTL India facilities: 3600m² in Coimbatore, Southern India.

DTL Subsidiary offices: Montreal, Canada & Copenhagen, Denmark.


For any further concerns or questions regarding BREXIT please contact us.



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