DTL driving a culture of Health & Safety

DTL, under the new general management of Jeff Twilton are driving a culture of Health and Safety within the workplace by investing in staff training.

IOSH Managing Safely TrainingCertificates

Key members of the DTL production team, Tom Syson and Tony Shaw have been awarded the nationally recognised IOSH Managing Safely Certificate, pictured here, from left to right: Tony Morley (QSHE Manager), Tony Shaw, Tom Syson, Jeff Twilton (General Manager).

Quality & Safety underpin DTL’s global operations with ISO 9001 accredited business management systems already in place.

Commenting on this achievement, Jeff Twilton, General Manager of DTL said:

“I have an extensive background in Team Development and improving Quality and Safety in the workplace, having been in post now for 5 months with DTL, I have identified and put in place measures to ensure we meets our quality mission and this programme will be continuously monitored and improved as DTL moves forward into different and more challenging markets. 

By on February 11th, 2020

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