The Indian power industry segment is actively implementing Flue Gas Desulphurization Systems to treat flue gas, cleaning their emissions and protecting our environment. These systems require large dampers due to the high gas volume flow rate to be handled.  DTL India have already supplied many dampers for this application, with many more currently under manufactureContinue reading “DTL India provide guillotine dampers for large scale FGD applications.”

DTL involved in the reduction of pollutant emissions project in Bełchatów Power Plant. Aby zobaczyć ten artykuł w języku POLSKIM, kliknij tutaj. In addition, DTL supplied weather-ready control systems equipped with pole reversal units to quickly remove residual magnetisation from the electromagnets to minimize opening time. The General Contractor for the dampers replacement project isContinue reading “Bełchatów Emissions Project”

Waste-to-energy plants turn municipal waste into valuable energy. To comply with top international emission norms not only the flue gas treatment must be state of art but also the boiler combustion system. For an optimal combustion in terms of energy release and emission values, the combustion air is divided into primary, secondary and recirculation airContinue reading “Waste To Energy Success”

DTL are pleased to confirm our registration on the Achilles UVDB scheme, and are now a fully registered as a supplier in the following categories: Flap Valves3.16.9.0 Butterfly Valves3.16.99.0 Other Valves, Actuators & Spares3.8.16.0 Flue Gas Exhaust Systems & Spares4.8.5.0 Mechanical Installation Services